Saturday, October 3, 2015

For Cuteness Sake

Nathan is just the cutest.  Here are just a couple glimpses into our lives over the past couple weeks.

One day he was fussing a little, so Jesse gave him a toy.  And another toy. And another.  And it worked!  He was fairly content with an armful of toys!

He naturally awesome air was on full poof display on a particularly windy day at the park.

Now that he has teeth, I have been brushing his teeth as part of his bedtime routine.  He actually likes it quit a lot.

We have also introduced the exersaucer, which he likes for short periods of time. 

He particularly likes looking up at the giraffe.

In this picture, his triple chin is on full display, which Jesse noted was particularly impressive given that he is looking up!

One of his new tricks is grabbing his feet and sticking them in his mouth.  I haven't gotten a great picture yet, but he is at least holding his foot in this one. 

We also took some cute videos.  In this first one, he is captivated by his toy.


In this one he is making kissy faces (so cute!)


And in this video, he rolls across the room!


He is kick kick kicking in his exersaucer in this video.


And in this one, he laughs as Jesse plucks his nose!


What a bundle of joy!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Introducing Cereal

One of the super-fun things we have been doing recently is feeding Nathan solid foods.  We started him with rice cereal, and he seemed to enjoy the novelty of it and did a good job opening his mouth and eating most of it.

The next few times we tried rice cereal though, he decided he didn't really love the taste.  (Look at that face!  Hilarious.)

He also did pretty well with the high chair and we were able to have our first ever family dinner!  

Then we started him on oat cereal, and he just nom nom nommed that stuff right up!  He has been eating really well, and didn't even mind rice cereal when we re-introduced it.  Hopefully he takes after his dad in the non-picky eater department!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Grandpa Thomas' Second Visit

Sorry for the delay in getting another Nathan post up.  I broke my computer (sad day) and I have also been swamped with work. I have some cute pictures to share with you today from Jesse's dad's second visit to see us Nathan this year. He took some cute ones of Nathan.

And then there are these seriously cute ones of Dave and Nathan.  You can definitely tell they're related!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Indian Summer Part 2

I am really loving We R Memory Keepers' Indian Summer line -- it is so New Mexican.  I used some more of it for these layouts of our family's visit last summer.  This first page was inspired by Stuck?! sketches' September sketch and Scrap our Stash challenge 30 (I used Leaves, Arrow patterned paper, a Yellow sticker, an Ecru brad, Ribbon, and a Striped brad).

I used C'est Magnifique's September sketch for this second layout of our trip to Sandia Peak and Madrid.

Here are the two layouts side by side.

Monday, September 7, 2015


This week Nathan's teeth are sticking up more now and they are whiter so we were able to capture his first teeth on film.  See the little pearly whites?

If you look closely at this picture, you can see them sticking up: 

We have begun to brush his teeth in the evenings now, which he likes, and have also put him to bed in his crib for the first time!!!  Here are some more cute baby pics, just because.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Nathan's First Teeth!

Nathan got his first tooth teeth this week!  On Wednesday the two bottom front incisors came in, right before his five month birthday (which is today).  He is a bit early, but we knew this was coming because he has been drooling up a storm and chewing on everything in sight for weeks.  You can definitely feel the two little teeth with your fingers, but since they are just peeking out, the tiny translucent nubs are hard to see in person, besides photograph.  So on Wednesday, we weren't able to get a good shot at all, just this proud mom picture, 

and drooooool!

I tried again the next day, and got a good shot, but between the lighting and picture quality, you can't really see them.

You can see the effects of teething though (teething = fussiness).

So we kept on trying (and failing) to get a good shot of the teeth to show off.

Earlier today, I got the best one yet.  You can kind of see the little white-ish spot on the bottom of his gums!  Our boy is just getting so big!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Cutest

Nathan has been regressing in terms of night sleep recently (boo) but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  He makes up for it by being just the cutest.  Here's what I mean: in this first video, Nathan is laughing (such a glorious sound) while Jesse is trying to nom nom nom him all up.


And in this second video, Nathan is trying to do the itsy bitsy spider with me:


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Indian Summer

I did not get very much scrapbooking done this month because I was sick one weekend and had to work another, but I completed one double-page layout and two cards.  I started using We R Memory Keepers' Indian Summer line, which is very southwest-y and therefore perfect to scrap pictures from our family's visit to see us last summer.  I used the August sketch by Boys Rule to create this fun layout.

And this next layout was created using Blue Fern's August sketch and their gorgeous chipboard title.

I love how these coordinated pages look side by side.

I also made two cards (August = lots of birthdays)!  

Monday, August 17, 2015

How Big is Nathan?

Soooo big! Big enough to graduate from the infant insert in the bath,

to hold his head up while playing Superman with Jesse,

and big enough to grab and stick things (other than his fingers) in his mouth.  Really, he grabs and "eats" all the things! 

Monday, August 10, 2015

More Family Pictures

Lorna sent me tons of pictures she took when she was here, so I have a lot more to show you!  First, swim class pictures!  Nathan loves getting "rained" on,

is content being held in the pool,

but doesn't completely love being dunked!

We also have just hanging out lovey pictures.

And pictures from Santa Fe, including Nathan "eating" at his first restaurant.

Finally, there are more family at home pictures -- look for the great one of Nathan laughing!