Monday, January 25, 2016

Nathan's First Colorado Trip

We took this little cutie up to Pagosa Springs to see his Grandpa Thomas.

He read Nathan some of his favorite books over and over again, 

and Nathan regaled us with his new skill: lifting up the blanket to peekaboo himself.

While Jesse and his dad were skiing at Wolf Creek, Nathan and I hung out at the house.  Nathan didn't nap, so he was a bit grumpy,

and eventually took a little snooze in my arms.

We were excited to take Nathan sledding.  I am including this picture to show you that the snow was up to my knees!

At first the sledding was really slow going.  I mean, there was a lot of fluffy snow!

Once we created a nice run, we were able to get down it better.

And compared to Jesse and Nathan, Nathan and I zipped down the hill!

I think Nathan had a pretty good time!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Scrapping Nathan

This scrapbooking post contains a lot of firsts.  This is my first layout of the year, my first 12x12 layout (I'm finally switching over) and, most importantly, it is my first layout of Nathan!  I have wanted to put this layout together for some time now.  

I was inspired by this mood board (white background with pops of color), and I used ribbon as well for the this or that challenge.  This second layout is of our second ultrasound, and I was inspired by C'est Magnifique's January Pinterest Party Challenge.

My final layout of the month is of the ultrasound where we found out Nathan was a boy!  I was inspired by the January 15 Stuck?! sketch challenge.  For all three layouts I used a line I have been hoarding for just the right pictures: Pink Paislee House of Three's Parisian Anthology.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Videos Galore

We take way more pictures than videos, but I have a bunch of short ones to show you that are just darling.  The last one is the best (and the longest)!

This first video is from our Christmas with my family.  Nathan is playing with the drum set his Aunt Rachel got him.

Nathan continues to show off his musical skills in this second video.  He actually plays the piano surprisingly well, given that it was his first time (and that he is a baby!)

There was a trend in gift giving this year: Nathan got a number of musical instruments.  Nathan is really enjoying banging on the xylophone that his Uncle Matt got him, but Jesse looks (justifiably) concerned that he is going to get whacked in the head!

Nathan got yet another musical instrument (a tambourine) from his Nana, but that isn't what he was most interested in.  As this video shows, he loved the ribbon on the bag it came in waaaay more!

This next video is super-short, but I was able to capture a quick "kiss" that he is doing now.  Love!

These next two videos show Nathan "dancing."  He loves music, and has historically smiled and kicked his feet when music was playing.  Now, he is getting his tush involved.  When he is on his belly, he does the worm, and when he is sitting up, he bounces up and down!

And here is a Nathan laughing video.

This last video is exciting because it shows the new skill Nathan has been working on -- pulling himself up!  He is getting to be such a big boy!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Christmas Continued

When we finally got to Indiana, we were able to continue visiting family.  We started off at Jesse's dad's house, and they were very happy to see us Nathan again!

Nathan got a lot of fun presents, and Jesse got to ride in Matt's vanagon Van Diesel.


We spent the rest of our trip at Jesse's mom's house.  We discovered Nathan's love of ribbons, and he enjoyed playing with his actual new toys too.

Nathan also got a lot of love from Uncle Matt, Nana, and Grandpa Whitson.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Nathan's First Christmas

Nathan had a wonderful first Christmas!  He loved opening presents and playing with all of his new fun toys.

The rest of us enjoyed our presents as well.

We enjoyed spending time with family most of all though.

And everyone enjoyed loving on baby Nathan!

This trip contained a lot of big firsts for Nathan.  It was his first Christmas, and his first flight.  He did pretty well!  Despite not napping well during the flight, he stayed reasonably happy (especially when we kept the puffs coming!)

Unfortunately the weather and United Airlines conspired to make our actual flights a disaster.  Which led to another first for Nathan: his first night in a hotel room when we were stuck in Chicago on our way from Connecticut to Indiana! Despite our travel woes, we really did have a wonderful Christmas.