Friday, July 29, 2016


Jesse fell off his bike last week and scraped up his arm and ankle.  He taught Nathan how to saw "ouch" and now every time we say "ouch" Nathan grabs his arm!  Nathan has had his own first little boo-boos this week.  Being a toddler is precarious and he fell on the patio and scratched his knee this weekend.  It was just a tiny scrape, but I put on a band-aid (his first!) just because he kept poking at it.  Nathan was not pleased.  He was quite distraught over this weird thing stuck to his knee, so I finally had to take it off!

Unfortunately, a couple days later he took another fall on the patio and caught himself with his face (poor baby!) leaving a little scrape and bruise on his cheek.  I have the feeling I will have plenty of opportunities to use the new Tonka Truck band-aids I bought for him!

Friday, July 22, 2016

July Layouts

This has been a busy month, but I have two layouts to show you.  This first layout is of our time hanging out with the Hamburgers when they were in town a year and a half ago, which is funny because although we have not seen them since then, they are here now and we are going to hang out again! For this layout, I was inspired by Creative Embellishments' July challenge.  The balloons inspired me to stagger these diamonds on the background of the page, and I added wood veneer stars.

And this second layout is of Jesse's (then new) car purchase.  Since I am a year and a half behind on my scrapbooking however, Jesse has yet another new car!  I created this layout using the July 15th sketch from Stuck?! as my inspiration.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sizzling Summer

We are definitely feeling the heat over here in Albuquerque over the past few weeks.  So much so that we avoid going outside in the afternoon and only spend a little time in the shade in the early evening. But the mornings are generally nice, and this weekend we took the opportunity to try out the new baby carrier Jesse got for Father's Day (the one in the Father's Day post was our friend's that we tried out to see if we wanted to buy one).  It was a success -- even more so than we imagined.  We joked that the promotional videos for this carrier always showed a baby sleeping in it but there was no way our Nathan would ever do anything like that.  Until he did!  We hiked for an hour and 45 minutes and about 20 minutes from the end of the hike we found him snoozing!  

And you have to check out this video (which is completely unrelated to being outdoors or hiking).  It is about Nathan though, and arguably the most clever thing he has ever done.  Aunt Janet got Nathan a shape sorter toy where the little shapes go down tubes and make funny noises while doing so because they allow air to go through a filter in the middle.  Well Nathan somehow stumbled upon the realization that these little shapes would therefore make great whistles!  Now he walks around carrying the circle one in his mouth whistling away!


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Out East

Last week we spent time with family on the East Coast, starting with a trip to see my mom in Connecticut.  We enjoyed the little things, like smelling the roses and chillin like a villain.  

We also went to the Mystic Aquarium, where we saw a bunch of cool marine life, including penguins, which was Nathan's favorite.

And we ate at Abbott's -- a must do!  

Our next stop was Nicole's place, where Nathan had even more people to ooh and aah over him.

We also went to a water park, beautiful rose gardens, and an amusement park while we were there.

Last but not least, we headed over to the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, where Nathan met and had tons of fun with family members.  

He loved playing in the water and also enjoyed other bay staples, like crochet and eating crabs!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Hawaii Family Pictures

We had professional pictures taken went we went to Hawaii (which was Jesse's mother's day present to me) and I was especially excited to have pictures of the three of us, which are hard to get!  But I have to say this one of just Nathan is my favorite! Enjoy the cuteness!