Friday, July 29, 2016


Jesse fell off his bike last week and scraped up his arm and ankle.  He taught Nathan how to saw "ouch" and now every time we say "ouch" Nathan grabs his arm!  Nathan has had his own first little boo-boos this week.  Being a toddler is precarious and he fell on the patio and scratched his knee this weekend.  It was just a tiny scrape, but I put on a band-aid (his first!) just because he kept poking at it.  Nathan was not pleased.  He was quite distraught over this weird thing stuck to his knee, so I finally had to take it off!

Unfortunately, a couple days later he took another fall on the patio and caught himself with his face (poor baby!) leaving a little scrape and bruise on his cheek.  I have the feeling I will have plenty of opportunities to use the new Tonka Truck band-aids I bought for him!


  1. Two boo-boos in a week! Poor Nathan. Love the pouty face though!! Boys will be boys. And he looks adorable in his Mystic Aquarium t-shirt!

  2. Poor baby! He still manages to look adorable regardless!