Saturday, September 20, 2008

Box Count

23 down, 76 to go.  This is why there are few pictures here:  we haven't unpacked our camera cord yet.  More pics should be coming soon.

What I miss in Ann Arbor #2: Decent Radio

I don't know why, but Albuquerque radio stations are terrible.  I like "alternative rock", and the only station playing this leans toward thrashing, metal rock with double kick drums.  (I now instinctively turn the station with I hear that signature "thu-thump thu-thump.")  

I also enjoy some mindless pop music once in awhile, if only to dull my senses after work.  The best pop music station in Albuquerque, by far, is a Christian station.  I'm all about Christian outreach being excellent and am happy that the station is so good.  But it says something that a station restricting itself to such a small part of the available music easily trounces its competition.  And what it says is bad.  Perhaps if I spoke Spanish I would feel differently.  There are at least half a dozen Spanish language stations, playing mariachi to latin pop.  Still not quite my style, but I imagine Spanish speakers are quite pleased.  

Finally (and this is the kicker) I have yet to find NPR.  No Car Talk (at least over the airwaves), no Prairie Home Companion, no All Things Considered, no BBC news service at night.  A city without a decent NPR station isn't really a city in my book.  Albuquerque my be five times the size of Ann Arbor, but its radio has a long way to go before it measures up.

What I miss in Ann Arbor #1: Friends and Family

We miss our friends and family, of course.  Albuquerque is such that you can constantly see the desert stretching out from the city, reminding you that there is NOWHERE to go and NO ONE to go see.  On the bright side, this desolate land sure is pretty.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

3 days later...

...the water leak is fixed, the wall dried out, and the room painted!  Yes, it took us 3 days to paint one room.  Painting isn't one of our life skills.

Congratulations to all who correctly guessed which color we chose.  

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Scripture for Today

Lowborn men are but a breath,
the highborn are but a lie;...

Psalm 62:9

The Joys of Home Ownership, #57: Water Damage

We're painting!

Two virtual gold stars for anyone who can guess which color we chose.