Saturday, April 28, 2012

Soccer Season

It is spring and soccer season has started.  Since I am a bad wife and typically don't go to Jesse's games (why be hot and uncomfortable for hours?), I am taking advantage of the fact that I did actually attend this one game and remembered to bring my camera by showing off my favorite soccer player:  

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hens' Den Bo Bunny Serenity Card

I love the Asian-inspired Serenity line by Bo Bunny, and the turquoise, red, and black color combination just pops!

To create this card, I took two sheets of turquoise paper with coordinating patterns from Bo Bunny Serenity's 6x6 Pad. I chose one for my base and trimmed the other paper 1/2 inch smaller than the base on each side, matting the smaller sheet with black cardstock to make it pop. I placed May Arts Satin/Grosgrain Teal Ribbon horizontally across the card, putting the top of the ribbon in the middle of the card. Then I layered May Arts Burgundy Sheer Rosettes Ribbon on top of the May Arts Satin/Grosgrain Teal Ribbon. For my finishing touch, I placed a Bo Bunny Serenity Trinket at one edge of ribbon, and added a sentiment.

Monday, April 16, 2012

April Newsletter

My April Newsletter project for the Hens' Den features Pink Paislee's Soiree line. I thought that the bright colors would go well with these pictures from the Dallas marathon that Jesse ran with Sarah and Tyche. The Teresa Collins Stars were great accents because all three of them are rock stars!

You can see the entire newsletter here:

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mom Visits Beautiful Southwest, Day 2 Balloon Ride

On day two we jumped right in with a sunrise balloon ride. If you've never been on one, I recommend it. The way Detroit is the Motor City, Albuquerque could be called Balloon Town.

After everything is sorted, you get stuffed in a small wicker basket and set aloft. Pre-flight we were quite happy:

And once aloft we were treated to spectacular views of the Rio Grande valley, with Albuquerque stretching out to the mountains:

At one point our pilot took us down to a few feet off of the river, and proceeded to fly us about 10 feet over the cars and trucks on Montano. We waved as they honked.

We were never alone in the sky. Balloon rides are big business here:

A balloon this size can sometimes be a handful. When landing one you are at the mercy of the wind, both for where and how fast you come down. Note the half dozen folks trying to keep our fellow riders from being dragged down the street. This was on a day that felt extremely calm as well.

We were unscathed and happy:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mom Visits Beautiful Southwest, Day 1

Last weekend we hosted my mom for about three days. We took her to all the NM sites worth seeing within driving distance of Albuquerque. For any would-be visitors, that exactly filled our three days. Unless you are looking for abject boredom, no visit to Albuquerque should be any longer.

On the first day we went up to Santa Fe for lunch and a tour of Ghost Ranch that reviewed places where Georgia O'Keeffe painted many of her famous New Mexico landscapes.

Lunch was at the Pink Adobe, where about 100 years ago mom ate when she visited as a child.

Afterwards we made the drive out to Ghost Ranch and took the Georgia O'Keeffe bus tour across part of the 20,000 acre property. Here's a guest house she stayed in:

And this is mom and Krystle in front of Georgia's mountain, Cerro Pedernal:

Not all of O'Keeffe's work was abstract:

One of the Juniper trees she often painted:

If you squint, you can see us in the picture by the trees, holding up yet another picture...

After our tour we did some light hiking.

Here's Krystle with a kindred spirit, the Prickly Pear cactus:

"I'm pretty sure we need to go that way."

"On second thought..."

"'s your fault we're lost!"

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hens' Den My Mind's Eye Follow Your Heart Be Happy Layout

My Mind's Eye's new Follow Your Heart Be Happy line is one of my all time favorites! I used this soft, pretty collection to create this layout that features a picture of us taken on my 30th birthday.

This is how I created my layout:

1. I used My Mind's Eye Follow Your Heart Be Happy Be You Paper as my background.

2. I cut out 13 hexagons from My Mind's Eye Follow Your Heart Be Happy Honey Pink Paper and ink the edges, spacing the hexagons out on the paper to create a honeycomb effect.

3. I mat my 4x6 photograph with My Mind's Eye Follow Your Heart Be Happy Follow Paper.

4. I created handmade flowers by cutting strips of My Mind's Eye Follow Your Heart Be Happy Follow, Songbird, Joyful, and Be You Paper. The length and width of the strip determines the size of the flower -- I used strips of .5" to 1.5" wide and 10" to 12" long. I pleated the entire strip, taking care to create tiny even pleats. I adhered the ends of the strips together to create an accordion flower, finishing the flowers off by cutting out circles of My Mind's Eye Follow Your Heart Be Happy Follow and Be You Paper to create flower centers.

5. I arranged my accordion flowers beneath my photograph and added Petaloo Darjeeling Hydrangea Cream & Green Flowers between them.

Here is a closeup:

Monday, April 2, 2012

Pagosa Again

Last weekend we were able to make a brief trip up to Pagosa Springs to meet up with Jesse's family who was there for Isaac's spring break. It was incredibly warm, so we decided to go hiking. All of the snow was melting so we hiked through a bunch of ice and mud to get to this lookout point:

Evidence that Jesse's wide-stance-straight-on-no-smile pose is genetic:

We made fun of Jesse's dad, who took us through a bunch of non-trails through bushes in an attempt to get us to the elusive second lookout point. We never made it there, but we did come across this cool carved bench:

This is me trying to get the boys to pose as though they actually like each other:

Such beautiful weather!