Saturday, January 25, 2014

First Layouts of 2014

I made up for last month and created three double-page layouts in January -- the first of 2014!  I am hoping to get 50 single-page layouts done this year.  This first layout that I completed shows off cute (though staged) pictures of our walks around our neighborhood.  The layout on the right is inspired by Blue Fern Studios's January sketch and features their beautiful page chains chipboard that I decorated with Perfect Pearls.  The layout on the left is based off of C'est Magnifique's January sketch.  

My second layout shows off the last pictures from my trip to Chicago with Rachel.  This layout is inspired by Scrap Around the World's mood board (below).  I love the pastel colors and how it feels so soft and beautiful, so I tried to re-create that feel in this layout. 

Last but not least, this third layout chronicles pictures of Jesse and I from our 10 years of marriage. Awww.  I took cues from CSI's case file 106 and used their colors, a grid design, numbers, and chose a background paper with pre-printed journaling of something good -- how adorable we are!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Howdy Partner!

I made partner!  Woo hoo!  Here are picture pictures of us anxiously awaiting the good news while the partners were voting.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Christmas Pictures

We spent Christmas at my mom's this year.  Because Christmas was in the middle of the week, we had a few days just to hang out, play board games, build gingerbread houses, and go see a pirates exhibit.  If you look closely at this first picture, you might wonder how I have 4 legs.  I don't (at least not yet), I am merely sitting on Jesse who is mostly hidden in this picture!

For Christmas itself, we followed our traditions and enjoyed our time together!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

December Recap

The holidays are over and life is getting back to normal, which means I have a little time to blog.  This was the second Christmas that we got a live Christmas tree.  We almost didn't do a tree at all because by the time we had time to get one it would only be up for a week, but Jesse insisted, claiming that you absolutely had to get a tree or else that means you have given up on life (and that's a no-no).  We got a very pretty and fat little tree and a new Frosty Friends ornament that reminded us of Olaf from Frozen.

We spent Christmas with my side of the family (more on that later when I get pictures together) and then went to Indiana.  We stayed with Jesse's dad in their new house, which was very pretty.  We played music, watched movies, rock climbed, and tried out new restaurants.  It was great to see everyone!