Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Balloon Fiesta!

It's time for Albuquerque's most famous event, the Balloon Fiesta! Hundreds of hot air balloons, from all over the world, converge on Albuquerque to make a mess of traffic on the ground and in the air. Floating aimlessly is never a good recipe for orderliness, but it does make for spectacular views against the backdrop of the endless desert. The fiesta lasts about one week. Some days, depending on the wind, the balloons float off towards Colorado. Other days they muck up business in downtown Albuquerque. Krystle and I went the opening weekend, enjoyed ourselves immensely, and snapped way too many pictures. An edited set is below, enjoy!

Does anyone else think it would be awesome to see ASIMO fight the blue dragon Godzilla style?


  1. The Balloon fest looks really cool :-). Hope you guys are doing well and getting chances o meet awesome people down there.

    ~Jake and Lisa

  2. Sweeeeeet. :-D

    I am excited about your blog, and not just beacuse it will motivate me to update our blog, and also not just because it gives me an excuse to get back into using Google Reader. I am excited about hearing about your lives from afar. :-)