Sunday, May 3, 2009


We began our bedroom makeovers in anticipation for our family visits, and have since completed this project. In an effort to entice more company, I am here to show you what our guest room looks like:

Yes, yes, for anyone who actually knew what our old master bedroom looked like, it is true that we basically moved our old bedroom set into our guest room.

Here is our new master bedroom set. It is a super-comfy pillow top king matress set on a lovely Crate & Barrel bed that Jesse put together (he actually put together the entire set with a little help from me). Essentially everything in the room (including the bedding and lamps) are new, and were super-fun to pick out!

As an additional bonus, here is a peek into our walk-in closet (which has tons of lovely storage space) and master bathroom (our toilet, not pictured, is in its separate toilet room).

Finally, here is our guest bathroom -- ready for new visitors!


  1. So pretty! Too bad I couldn't have taken advantage of that when I was there. =) j/k, it was comfy even then, and a hoot when Chloe rolled off her mattress in the middle of the night. =P

  2. Lovely! We had planned on taking advantage of it this summer... but as you know, do to Grandpa's cancer we won't get to come visit until 2010 (also due to my lack of extra vacation from my new job). But the pics are great. I do miss my big closet!! =)

  3. Yes, that was rather ridonculous! Does she usually roll around that much? If I remember correctly, you used to position her bed so she could theoretically roll off it onto the floor. Do you periodically find her on the other side of the room?!?