Monday, June 1, 2009

Six Years and Counting

Last weekend Jesse and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary by taking a trip to Santa Fe. The weather was cool and it drizzled, which was actually refreshing. We had tons of fun walking around and popping into cute shops, galleries, and checking out the Georgia O'Keeffe museum.

We also saw the famous staircase that is both an engineering marvel and a miraculous legend.

The food in Santa Fe didn't disappoint. We had an authentic New Mexican lunch at the Shed and had a romantic Italian meal for dinner.

We also took a detour to Ojo Caliente where we soaked in the hot natural mineral springs and took advantage of the spa's sauna and steam room. Ahhh . . .

The drive there was quite easy (only an hour to Santa Fe and two hours to Ojo Caliente) and, as you can see, it was also quite beautiful.


  1. Beautiful! Glad you had a great time. But I don't know what the staircase legend is all about - let me know when you call next. =)

  2. Apparently, after the nuns prayed for the Lord to provide them with a staircase to get up to the choir loft (it was an engineering impossibility and they had no money to pay for one), a mysterious man showed up, built the staircase, and left!