Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

For some yet-to-be-disclosed marketing reason, we had pictures taken of our labor and employment group (aren't we a happy bunch?)

More strangely, we had a ton of individual pictures taken as well.

So now you can see me the way I look at work -- though oddly enough, this whole exercise has killed in total probably one full day of productivity! Sigh.


  1. this is hilarious...but at least you know you could have another career as a model in an office supply catalog...? : )
    happy birthday!!

  2. lol yes Andrea is right. Brings back modeling memories, no? And if those gorgeous shots make it into the mainstream media, you're going to have clients of the male variety LINING up at your door! ;)

  3. My baby's a model again!!! =) Are you then selling legal services (rather than lipstick or baby shampoo??!!!)