Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Greatest Thing Albuquerque has to Offer

Guess who visited us this weeked? It was fun having some in-laws in for town for the first time, and we scheduled their trip for the balloon fiesta so they could enjoy one of Albuquerque's main claims to fame (it's the hot air balloon captial of the world, you know).

We got there when it was fairly cold and dark, and after just a little while we were able to see them blowing up the balloons. The morning started with the special shapes rodeo, which is when all the shaped balloons lift off together.

After all the special shapes lifted off, the serious ballooners came in for competitions (they had to drop a marker as close to the goal as possible, and reach out to grab a key from a poll for a chance to win a car, etc.) We were impressed with the control they had over those things!

In short, it was a pretty cool sight.


  1. wow that looks awesome! We'll want to come visit to see that some year too!

  2. It so spectacular. I always wanted to go to one