Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And It's Christmas Once More

I know, I know, Christmas is over. But I could not help prolonging the festivities in my house (we just took down our tree this past weekend) by pouring over pictures of Christmases past and scrapping them.

Apparently I missed a lot of Christmases. These pictures are from 2002 (the first Christmas I celebrated with Jessee -- awww). The layout isn't in my typical color scheme, but I got these papers in a prize pack and decided, why not?

This layout is from 2003 -- the first year we were married (awww again). The non-traditional Christmas colors continue.

Here's 2004.

2005 (if you love the top center card, tell Nicole!)

And 2007 (I previously scrapped 2006). Chloe is featured quite prominently here, for obvious reasons. So cute!

Not only did she love her presents, but she loved Jesse's present -- a huge remote control car! She was also quite scared of the thing poor girl, but she couldn't help herself!

Pictures of the family (all the papers for this year were also part of my prize pack, and the flowers I got free from Your Scrapbook Stash).

Finally, here are some hilarious pictures from Jesse's dad's side of the family (notice I am the only one really smiling in the left picture and the right two pictures depict father and son in the same basic pose on the same couch).

Even after all of this, I still have last Christmas and this Christmas to scrap. More layouts coming soon!


  1. Christmas can be prolonged as long as you like as far as I'm concerned...I'm still catching myself humming Christmas songs! The layouts are super cute~and I love how you did the car & Chloe layout! I was rewatching that movie a little while ago...too funny!

  2. There's a MOVIE?!? Why hasn't it been posted? Get that thing up on your blog or youtube ASAP!!!