Monday, March 15, 2010

Soccer in the snow

Yesterday Jesse played soccer. In the southwest, people can play outdoor soccer in March because it is usually not terribly cold. Yesterday though was some sort of crazy anomaly. We got snow, hail, rain, and shine all in one day! And during the time that Jesse was outside kicking the ball around it happened to be snowing. I think this is yet another reason not to engage in any sort of athletic endeavor!


  1. yuck~i would have sat it out, but good for Jesse! and lol on your athletic remark~it doesn't matter if it was sunny and 70, YOU wouldn't want to be out there anyway!

  2. I understand, but I remember several sleety games and several where even wearing a rain hat, coat, pants and an umbrella because there was no lightening I still got soaked and yet the game went on. Honking the horn for a good play from the car was done a couple of times too. Its the game (I guess) Gotta love him anyway.