Saturday, July 3, 2010

Looong in Coming

So this will be a looong post about my family's visit a couple weeks ago (and yes, I should be shamed for waiting this long to post it). We had a blast, as you will see!
First off, here is a darling picture of my niece to oooh and aaah over -- isn't she just a bundle of cuteness? Such a grown up little traveler!

And Chloe was very excited to see her Uncle Jesse. Although she is not a very cuddly girl, she would randomly come up and snuggle with Jesse because she loves him oh-so-much!

In both of these pictures, Chloe is playing with "her favorite toy" which, as you can see, is a fake plant, rocks, and a vase. She spent hours taking the rocks out and putting them back in! I wish we could all be so easily amused!

We bought Chloe a princess dress, which she loved to put on every single day!

Chloe was eager to start a walk around our neighborhood. Rachel was only interested in her book. =P

We also strolled around the botanical gardens here in Albuquerque, which has an adorable children's fantasy garden with lots of fun things like giant ants!

It also had a pretty Japanese garden (cute 1/2 Chinese girl not included).

One of the highlights of the trip was Ojo Caliente -- hot mineral springs just north of Santa Fe. The adults enjoyed soaking in healing waters and taking mud baths and Chloe was thoroughly amused playing on the steps of the kiddie pool.

We also played in the hammock, but Chloe didn't want to nap there with me (sadness!)

Shopping was also on the list and both Nicole and Rachel had beautiful turquoise flea market finds.

So much fun! Although it was sad when they left, we had another wave of family and funness!

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