Monday, July 25, 2011

Jesse's Chile Trip

Once again, Jesse's brother is living someplace cool and Jesse used it as an excuse to visit him! This time around, it was Chile! Being that it is their wintertime, it was quite chilly (ha! pun!) and they were able to hike near icebergs!

Most of their time was spent doing some sort of physical activity or the other. Here, they were indoor rock climbing in preparation for their outdoor climb.

They also took a trip to a port town, where they took a boat ride and saw the coast at night.

Jesse's dad's family was able to join him on his trip, which was pretty neat.

Chile has some great wines and they were able to do a tour while they were there (yes, Jesse brought back many bottles!)

Although they enjoyed the local fare, Jesse was able to sneak in his customary McDonald's stop.

Jesse took tons of cool pictures of these stairs that they paint and this one is my favorite.

Last, but not least, they got some outdoor rock climbing in.


  1. Wow those icebergs are amazing, and so is that rock-climbing shot! Crazy! Thats awesome that he got to go somewhere that he probably wouldn't have gone to otherwise.

  2. Jesse is a world traveller now. The rock climbing still make me nervous though.