Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chubby [Bunny]

Happy Thanksgiving! Sadly, we don't have any pictures because we forgot our camera, but I thought I would give you this treat of a picture taken just a couple minutes ago.

This is what I get when I send Jesse to the store to buy marshmallows -- he amuses himself by buying the hugest ones possible:

The perspective in the picture doesn't do this thing justice. Seriously, each one is so ginormous that I could not get the whole darn thing in my mouth!

Addendum -- here are the marshmallows taking up the entire mug:


  1. That is amazing! I love it.

    I wonder if he would use the same shopping strategy if you sent him to the store for diamonds? ;)

  2. lol too funny. I like Sarah's should try it!

  3. Hope you had a great time anyway - pics or not! WOW what a marshmellow! =)

  4. Mmmmm! I love marshmallows!

    Beth Fisher