Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thailand Days 4 through 6: Culture, Food, and (of course) Shopping

We returned to Bangkok after our trip to the beach, and started the day off with the breakfast of champions -- bird's nest!  (You know, the mix of bird saliva and blood that it hacked up to create a nice place for its babies to squat in that would stick to the side of a cave wall).

Can you tell how Jesse feels about it?

We decided to explore the Temple of the Dawn, a place that we had never been to before.  

Almost as soon as we got there, we resorted to our old antics (and you have to admit, we are good at it!)  Can something be so cute and so disrespectful at the same time?

The temple itself is gorgeous and there are series of increasingly steep stairs to get to the top.

We made it though (look, we're smiling) and had great views of the city.

After our morning excursion in the middle of Thailand's hot season, we gratefully escaped to a nice, air conditioned mall.  Even Jesse enjoyed himself because Paragon (the mall) had a mini-luxury car show.

Since we were in Bangkok, engaging in cutsey Asian poses was a must.

After some shopping, movie-watching (Men in Black III) and mani/pedis, we fell sound asleep (our jet lag manifested itself in our ability to be completely comatose by 9 p.m.)  We managed to scarf down some Asian goodies first though!

The next day, we were treated to lunch at the Royal Bangkok Sports Club by Aunt Da, where we feasted on good food and had amazing views.

We also did some shopping with Aunt Da (I found a cute dress and a huge cockroach!) and headed over to the driving range where I again demonstrated my complete lack of coordination.  This looks about as painful as it felt!

Jesse was a pro and needed a drink after watching me butcher the sport.

We ended the day with AMAZING dessert at a hip new sweet shop called "After You."  

Nicole left veeeery early the next morning and, after my dad returned from dropping her off at the airport, the rest of us headed out to the floating market, which is another cool Thai attraction that I have never been to.

There were tons of tourists and vendors there -- it got very congested!

We bought a picture, Rachel got a ta-craw ball and some soap, and we also picked up some fruit (we look really proud of the starfruit in this picture!)

Speaking of fruit, for the record, Asian fruit is the best!

We ended our last day in Bangkok at a graphic design exhibit and library located in another fancy mall.

Goodbye Thailand -- we'll come back soon(ish) I promise!


  1. What an amazing trip, I have so enjoyed all of your photo's!! Thanks for sharing such a great adventure!! I loved your poses!

  2. Oh my goodness, I just caught up on your blog and now I want to visit Bangkok! Although, the bird's nest, I'm not sure about. Looks like you guys had a great time. Glad you're back safely.

  3. Yes, nothing is better than Thai fruit! And our pics just cannot capture how steep those steps really were...Rachel was like crawling up them, freaking out! What an adventure! I love all of the different offerings Thailand has. :)