Sunday, September 2, 2012

Speed Racer

We got up at the crack of dawn [slight exaggeration] today so that Jesse could run the dam to dam 10K race.  I was grumpy, but Jesse warmed up and seemed happy to be awake.  

Jesse started off strong

and finished well!  Yay!

Sadly, Jesse's GPS watch stopped working right before his race, so he was unable to track his pace during the race.  Despite this setback, he did really well and finished early enough to get back home, shower, and then head off to church (told you it was early!)  


  1. Woot! Glad he did it! That's a fun one. And how special to have you cheering him on.

  2. Now THAT'S dedication! =)
    Great job! Both of you!!

  3. omg I've been so bad at keeping up with your blog! Sorry and I promise to be better! Go Jesse!