Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy Veronica Mars Day

Wow.  I have to say that attending the Veronica Mars movie premiere and after-party with Rachel was probably one of the most fun experiences that I have had.  Seriously so fun!  But the day didn't start that way: it began with lost baggage resulting in hours at the airport and long and expensive cab rides, but eventually we got my luggage (which contained my all-important premiere attire) just in time to get to the premiere.

We arrived at the iconic Chinese Theater all dolled up and juuuuuust in time to make it as a spectator on the red carpet.

We were actually on the red carpet for a few seconds (we had to cross it to get to the other side!)

We ended up with not-so-bad views.

We were able to see Amanda Noret (who played mean girl Madison in the movie),

the lovely Kristen Bell (who obviously plays Veronica Mars) and her husband Dax Shepard (who plays himself?  in a hilarious cameo),

Jerry O'Connell (who plays the new sheriff Lamb),

Rob Thomas (the brilliant writer),

Enrico Colantoni (the best TV dad),

Jason Dohring (Veronica's true love Logan),

Ryan Hansen (Logan's hilarious friend Dick),

Tina Majorino (Veronica's friend Mac),

and Percy Daggs (Veronica's friend Wallace).

And then it was movie time.  It was so good!  Seriously, you need to watch it.  Now!

As if the premiere wasn't amazing enough in and of itself, we headed over to the after-party!

Kristen was so cool.  Knowing that eeeevvveeerryyyooonnne wanted a picture with her, she hung out at the photobooth for basically the entire party (3+ hours folks!)  We got to the photo booth right away and snapped a few cute picks with Kristen and Francis Capra (aka Weevil):

Then we got some drinks (their drinks specials were the same drinks mentioned in the movie -- how fun) and mingled with the cast and other fans.  We got a picture with Dick (ignore scary-eyes in the background) and later on in the night Rachel danced with him!  He is a pretty fun and cool guy.

And of course we had to nab a picture with Jason.  Rachel made sure to inform him that we (and me in particular) were team Logan!  Which is probably why Chris Lowell (Piz) avoided us all night! 

Probably the most surprising part about the night for me was just how fun Enrico is.  He took to Rachel right away, and spent a long time talking and dancing with her (his adopted daughter)!


Rob Thomas was on cloud nine and it was a pleasure talking to him about the movie (and I even forgive him for spilling Rachel's drink all over me!)

We may have sneaked into the VIP area once or twice (we can totally pull it off!), caught Percy in there, and had his big brother take a picture of us.

The party started to die down a bit, and that is when the drunk fun photos began.  Rachel and her "dad" wanted photo booth pictures together so he dragged Percy into it (we were also joined by a  random girl). 

Percy's brother joined in the fun along with associate producer Ivan Askwith.

Enrico and Ivan tried to have a picture together alone, but Rachel wasn't having it!

Not satisfied with her little sneak attack, she went big!  (Best. Photobomb. Ever!)

Can you feel the love?

Enrico asked for a back to back and we were joined by more fans.

And more.

And more!


And then it was just us again.

Or not!

We were just about to leave when Francis pulled us back in for more!

So yeah, we had fun!  (understatement of the year)  The next day we slept in and then headed out to Chinatown for some dim sum and Asian groceries.  I think there needs to be a sequel, if only so that we can do this again!


  1. Looks like a blast! So glad you had fun and rubbed shoulders with Hollywood's finest lol. :)