Sunday, June 1, 2014

Anniversary in San Francisco

Last weekend we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary with a trip to San Francisco (yes, right after Rachel moved from San Francisco, I know!)  The first night we were there, we splurged on dinner at Farallon (I think this was our most expensive dinner to date!).  We enjoyed good wine recommended by their sommelier and excellent fish and scallops.  It was certainly a treat!

On Saturday, we took a tour to Muir Woods and wine country led by our hilarious German tour guide.  We started the day at Muir Woods where we were able to hug beautiful redwood trees!  It was a lovely and peaceful experience.

After our tree hugging, we moved on to the wine.  We tasted wine at two Sonoma wineries and one Napa winery, and picked up a couple bottles to bring home.  We also had a lovely lunch in Sonoma as well.

At the end of our tour, the guide made a couple stops to give us picture-perfect (and windy!) views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The next day, we walked around the embarcadero, enjoying excellent coffee, beautiful bay views, and weather.

And sea lions!  They were a riot!

(Notice the sea lions fighting in the back -- an alpha male made sure that he had one platform all to himself!)

After walking around in the morning, we took an afternoon tour to Alcatraz.  Apparently they do an escape from Alcatraz swim once a year, so Jesse might force me to go back soon!    

Doesn't Jesse look pretty guilty here?

And I look waaay too happy to be in solitary confinement!

That evening, we took a sunset sail with beautiful views of the city and both the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges.


San Francisco has so much to offer and we really enjoyed our trip!


  1. Great pictures! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Looks like you guys got a lot in. Beautiful bridge and forest pictures, and the seals are too funny.

  3. Wonderful anniversary