Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July Fun

We drove up to Colorado to spend time with Jesse's dad's family for July 4th.  We started in Durango, where we walked around some cute shops and had some dinner at a funky restaurant.

We drove to Pagosa Springs for fireworks (most of these pictures were taken by Lorna's lovely camera).

On Saturday, we decided to go rafting.  At some points, it was very relaxing.

At other points, not so much!  (The water was COLD!)

At the end of our second rafting run, there was a timing snafu that resulted in the 4 of us shivering, in our swimsuits in 60 degree weather with no phones or money, pitifully waiting for quite some time to be rescued! (Only to go back to a no-hot-water-at-home situation!)  Still worth it . . . I think.

Oh, and Jesse and his dad managed to squeeze in watching a couple World Cup games this weekend as well.  (Of course!)


  1. Wow what an adventure! Great pictures!

  2. Such a fun trip--thanks so much for hosting, we had a great time! :D