Saturday, August 9, 2014

We Love Ann Arbor

Jesse and I did not have the chance to return to Ann Arbor since we moved to Albuquerque six years ago.  I don't think I knew just how much I missed it until we went back last weekend.  It was fun for us to see all that had changed -- like the beautiful South Hall -- and everything that hasn't.

The main reason we made the trip was to see Manchester United play Real Madrid at the Big House for the Guinness International Champions Cup.

Jesse's dad attended the game with us, and it was quite the game!

We had pretty good seats and cheered Manchester United on.

There were a couple near misses, but Manchester United finished the first half with two goals to Real Madrid's one.

At halftime we were treated to a performance by the Fray, which was a cool treat.

In the second half, Manchester United scored another goal to bring the score to 3 to 1.

There were a lot of people there -- the stadium was packed!

There were 109,318 of us, to be exact, which is the largest group of people who have ever watched a soccer game in the United States.  So, basically, we helped make history!

What really got the crowd going, however, was when Real Madrid put in Cristiano Ronaldo.  It was cool seeing him play, even for just a little bit.

In the end, Manchester United won 3 to 1 (and ended up winning the entire tournament).

After the game, we relaxed and had delectable desserts at La Dolce Vita, followed by a much-anticipated dinner at the Real Seafood Company.  Rachel and Derek joined us for dessert and dinner.

On our last day in Ann Arbor, we went to New Life Church (see Jesse and his dad posing by the rock?), heard a great sermon, and saw some old friends.

We went out to Zingerman's for lunch afterwards with Chris, Olivia, Brett, Hannah, and Naomi.  Good fun and good company -- what more can you ask for?

Romance, that's what.  So we made a quick stop at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens where we got married.  Awwww.

So long Ann Arbor -- we will miss you always!


  1. We heard about the game making history and thought how cool it was that you were there! Glad you had a good time.

  2. 936What a terrific post--hard to believe it's been eight years.

  3. So glad that you finally got back there, and it sounds like you hit all of the top spots!

    Glad you revisited your wedding place, church and took in the foodie scene there, and how cool that you made history AND got to see the Fray?

  4. Ann Arbor is very cool