Sunday, May 31, 2015

Nathan Hangs With the Ariyavatkuls

For the past week and a half, Nathan has had tons of fun playing with the Ariyavatkul side of the family.  First, Aunt Nicole, Uncle Matthew, and Cousin Chloe came and loved on him.

Then Grandpa Ariyavatkul arrived, and he did such a good job getting smiles out of Nathan by tickling his chin and making funny noises.

Last but not least, Aunt Rachel joined in on the fun!

Although we hung around our neighborhood for most of the time, we did take a trip to the outlet mall in Santa Fe (the furthest Nathan has ever traveled!)

Nathan received so many cute gifts from his adoring visitors.

This is one of the many gorgeous park days that we had.  Nathan is going to miss all of you!


  1. Really beautiful pictures

  2. So much fun visiting with him (and all of you guys too of course!) I miss him sooo much already! I can't believe you live so far away. :(