Sunday, September 27, 2015

Introducing Cereal

One of the super-fun things we have been doing recently is feeding Nathan solid foods.  We started him with rice cereal, and he seemed to enjoy the novelty of it and did a good job opening his mouth and eating most of it.

The next few times we tried rice cereal though, he decided he didn't really love the taste.  (Look at that face!  Hilarious.)

He also did pretty well with the high chair and we were able to have our first ever family dinner!  

Then we started him on oat cereal, and he just nom nom nommed that stuff right up!  He has been eating really well, and didn't even mind rice cereal when we re-introduced it.  Hopefully he takes after his dad in the non-picky eater department!


  1. Yeah, solid food! He is getting big.

  2. Aww he is growing up so fast! Love that you guys had your first family dinner. :)