Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Nathan's First Trip to Hawaii - Part 1

Last week we took Nathan on his first trip to Hawaii!  We stayed at the Grand Wailea in Maui, and it was so fun to see Nathan experience the beach and ocean for the first time.  He LOVED it!

He also had fun splashing up a storm in the pool.

We took a boat ride to the nearby island of Lanai and enjoyed spending time on the beach there and snorkeling.  

As we always do, we went snorkeling quite a few times on our trip.  We took turns snorkeling (turtles!) and playing with Nathan on the beach in front of our hotel.  He seriously couldn't get enough so it's official: we'll be back!

Nathan appreciates the little things too.  He loved the flowers on the grounds of our hotel and wanted to touch them (yes, literally just poke them once with his finger) every time we passed them.  He also thoroughly enjoyed all of the birds that hung around the open air eateries, the fans that are everywhere, and Hawaiian art (who knew?).  

There are so many good beaches in Maui, and right in Wailea, and we were able to walk to Ulua beach which had the best snorkeling of our trip with incredibly clear water and abundant fish.

We ate out at a number of fantastic restaurants during our trip and had fancy dessert too for our anniversary.  Happy 13 years!  (Yes, in this picture I'm kissing Nathan, not Jesse, but Nathan's picture of us didn't really come out well!)


  1. Beautiful! I remember those wonderful times with you girls. Did you sing, "at the beach, at the beach, at the beautiful beach... ��

    1. Yes I did sing that song quite a few times! I have great memories of Hawaii as a child!

  2. Those underwater pictures turned out amazing, and what beautiful fish! And Nathan is so ridiculously cute, what with his flower poking and swimwear!