Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy New Year!

This year, we spent time over the Christmas break in York Pennsylvania with Uncle JP, Aunt Judy, and James, and Nathan's Nana, Grandpa Butch, and Mitt.  Nathan loved playing on the piano, and both Nana and Mitt obliged him and had fun making a huge racket!

Nathan also got to experience baking for the first time, and "helped" make sugar cookies!

Nathan also actually helped Aunt Judy with one of his very favorite tasks -- vacuuming! 

We had a lot of fun there!  At the end of the week we continued our multi-state winter tour by traveling to Indiana to see Grandpa Thomas, Meema No-No, Aunt Becca, Yuto, and Uncle Isaac (and a number of other relatives from Meema No-No's side as well).  Nathan was spoiled with a lot of quality reading time,

zoom zoom trips to the moon,

and games of Mousetrap and Jenga, where he knocked down block towers as soon as they started going up.

Nathan also loved terrorizing petting the cat, and watching us play ping pong downstairs.

We didn't get great sleep during our travels, so Jesse and I dialed it in with a 10pm celebration of New Years with Buenos Aires.  We had a nice long trip celebrating Christmas and New Years with family, and are now trying to adjust back to our time zone!

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  1. What a trip!
    Families are everything