Friday, April 14, 2017

Puerto Rico!

Last week we were in Puerto Rico celebrating Matt and Merida's wedding! For this trip, Nathan graduated from riding in his carseat on the plane to this harness. He liked the freedom it gave him to move around, and he did really well on the trip.  It did not hurt that we let him watch some in-flight entertainment!

Nathan was so excited to get back to the beach and loved playing in the waves just as much as he did in Hawaii!

Look at this cute three generation Thomas beach picture!

The waves were pretty strong at Sandy Beach, and Nathan thought it was pretty fun when a big one got him!  

Nathan also had some beach yoga time with his Aunt Becca (Bet-ta) and, as you can see, he is pretty great at it!

One really unique adventure that we had during our trip was to visit a bioluminescent bay.  We went to the one in La Parguera, which was fairly close to where we were staying.  Nathan was instantly sold on the trip, which involved a biiiiiig boat (as Nathan saw it anyway).  It was really cool to be able to get into the water and see the dinoflagellates in the water sparkle and glow green. 

Nathan also loved playing with his sand toys, making creations with his Nana and exclaiming "tada!"

"Mitt and Mare" were the reason we went to Puerto Rico, and we are so trilled for this lovely couple and their marriage!

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! Love the generation pic and all the smiles!