Thursday, October 5, 2017

It's Fall

We are having a very wet fall so far, with more than our fair share of thunderstorms.  We have had plenty of fun things to do inside, however.  Nathan loves playing with cars (or anything with wheels), and often lays down and pushes his vehicles back and forth across the floor for quite some time.  He is so precious!

Jesse (whose birthday is today!) is playing indoor soccer, and this week's game was at a good time so I brought Nathan to see Jesse play indoor soccer for the first time.

Jesse also builds robots for Nathan out of blocks and they affectionately call these robots George and Terry.  Nathan really likes knocking them over and exclaiming "Poor George!"  

We have been appliance shopping lately in preparation for our move, and Nathan has loved it!  He keeps himself entertained by playing with the high tech fridges (which we are not getting!) and looking for forklifts at Lowes.