Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Posed and Candid Pictures

Nathan had his first "school" picture taken, and it definitely fits the stereotype with his little stiff forced smile. I love it anyway -- he is such a little cutie!

Now this is a real smile -- both Nathan and Jesse are grinning ear to ear to commemorate Nathan giving Jesse a real hug for the first time ever (usually he just lets you hug him or leans in a bit but this time he wrapped his arms around Jesse, gave him a good squeeze, and said "I love you").  My heart!

If you think Nathan looks huge in that picture, you are not wrong. He is at the 93rd percentile for height! He is so tall that he is taller than the average 4 year old! The Thomas genes are strong with this one.

Our secret? We feed him frozen yogurt! Just kidding, only occasionally for a treat/bribe (this one was a bribe for him agreeing to eat a good dinner at the Indian restaurant Jesse wanted to go to without throwing a fit -- parenting a three-nager is fun times I tell ya!) Oh, and I am definitely sharing with him but he grabbed the opportunity to two-spoon it when I whipped out my phone to take a picture.

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  1. I'm fully expecting a real hug too!!! Love the smiles!