Saturday, February 21, 2009

Confessions of a Scrapaholic

I will admit it. I am a scrapaholic. I have recently spent a lot of money and time on scrapbooking, and I loved every minute of it! I bought a cool new stack of speciality paper from MAMBI, which finally inspired me to scrapbook my wedding! I have been putting this off because I have such a beautiful professional wedding album that I couldn't make anything look quite as nice as that. I also didn't want to make my wedding scrapbook pages too cutesy either though. I think these pages strike the right balance.


  1. From Mommy -
    I forgot to tell you, I've been looking for some pics for you. I only have the last couple years on my back-up so I have to go back through CD's I burnt to get more. I'll send them when I can!!
    Love you.

  2. I have a few pics and am sending them forthwith. Love your wedding scrap, my pics aren't all that awe inspiring but may be some you don't have. Love you bunches