Saturday, February 7, 2009

Our Living Room Transformation

After months of waiting, our living room furniture has finally arrived! I love the look, smell, and feel our of lovely leather couches. As you can see, we got a loveseat, chair, and ottoman to coordinate with our existing couch.

We have also made our first real art purchase. We bought this original encaustic painting by Canadian artist Stacy Hollinger (encaustic is a method of painting using molten beeswax and pigment fused together). I found her work on the website It is a great place to find artwork and homemade crafts, and you buy the art directly from the seller (kind of like a specialized ebay without the bidding nonsense).

So, without further adieu, here is what our living room looks like with its new furniture and art!


  1. are you going to buy from me someday? ;)

  2. Looks beautiful! Love your choices. =)

  3. Of course my Booh! We will commission something from you when you have the time to do it for us!