Saturday, April 24, 2010

SA: Cape Town

My trip to South Africa was mostly spent in Cape Town. I landed in Johannesburg, spent a jet-lagged night in Pretoria at Matt's dorm and flew out early the next day. Cape Town, as far as I can tell, is the top tourist destination in South Africa, being near the coast, near mountains, near wine country, near the Cape of Good Hope and just generally a pleasant place to be. Unlike some traveller destinations however, it appears that Cape Town is a functioning city that happens to get a lot of tourists. That was definitely the feel around our hotel.

The waterfront was also bustling with tourists and people who actually work. It looked to be a functioning harbour; there were numerous dry-docked boats and many in the harbour being or waiting to be unloaded. There were also seals.

(front to back: Vien, Matt and Allen)

I was impressed by the city. Few others combine the energy for tourism with real business (though truly, only for a business elite, which I'll remark on later). The mountains so close to the city heart also reminded me of home, although an ocean of sand can't compete with the Atlantic.


  1. Wow, looks neat. I've never had a visible for Cape Town, so thanks for sharing!

  2. so cool that you got to go. can't wait to see the pages you create.