Monday, October 4, 2010


We decided to spend our last day in Kauai touring the Waimea canyon (we had already checked out so we didn't want to go swimming or anything). But even the best laid plans get thrown out the window when there are waves to catch! We drove through Kapa'a on our way to the canyon and Jesse spotted a whole bunch of guys surfing. Surprisingly enough, we had not seen much surfing on our trip because the waves just weren't there that week. Jesse had hoped to try to surf while we were here but didn't get the opportunity. So when this chance presented itself, we just had to rent a board and dive in (and when I say "we" I mean "he").

Surfing involves a lot of crashing and burning (one of the surfers congratulated Jesse on his "epic" wipe out).

And whether he was in the water or out, Jesse put those baywatch boys to shame!

Despite the fact that this was only the second time he ever surfed, Jesse got up a couple times.

And fell more than a couple times!

This is the best picture that I managed to snap of Jesse surfing (yes, I basically stood there for an hour taking pictures). He is kind of on his way down but he is standing!

After the surfing detour, we had enough time to eat a lovely dinner of local fish and check out Opaekaa Falls, which was situated right off the side of the road. In this picture you can also see the beautiful earrings that Jesse got me. They are made up of coin pearls and Ni'ihau shells.

I have to show you a picture of these local chickens as well. These things are everywhere in Kauai and the roosters crow all throughout the day and night -- starting waaaay before sunrise.

We spent our final night in Honolulu at the gorgeous Hilton Prince Kuhio hotel. Jesse took this fabulous picture of our night view. Sadly we were way too tired to do anything but sleep that last night but I have to say that during our vacation I felt the most relaxed I have felt in a long time.


  1. All of the lights make the island lines look really cool at night! Gorgeous earrings, and go Jesse! Surfing is supposedly super hard, but he is probably at his fittest right now, right?

  2. Great pictures, Krystle & Jesse! It looks like you had a splendid time in HI. Makes me want to see it.

    Congratulations to Jesse on surfing. Was the first time he tried it in South Carolina at LT in 2000? I can't remember if he went with the group that tried it.

    If Chris had tried surfing, I would have been like you and stood safely on the beach, taking photos.