Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ten Things & Ten Dollars

Want to win a $10 gift certificate to the (paper) trail store? If ten people participate in this week's challenge, which is to add a list of 10 things in your layout, a participant will win one! You can enter (and find out more details) here:

This is the layout that I created for the challenge:

For my list of 10, I decided to list the ten people (other than me) that appear in the pictures. I am a person who is bad with names and I tend to not list people's names in journaling, thinking, oh there is no way I'll forget that person's name! Ten years later, I am trying to remember this one college friend who I have a picture of and I have no record of her name anywhere! So I am happy that this challenge prompted me to put some names on paper.

I used simple lines to create this layout because I wanted to use all five of these pictures and did not want the page to look too overwhelming. Cosmo Cricket's Earthlove patterned paper (found in the store in a 2-collection pack with Cosmo Cricket's The Boyfriend) was perfect for this clean and simple layout.

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