Sunday, November 7, 2010

Postcards from Paris

Right now Jesse and I are super-busy for work. I am just randomly busy and Jesse is preparing for a conference. If you are asking "didn't he just get back from a conference?" you would be correct! Despite the title of this post, Jesse's last conference was in Luxembourg, which is apparently really pretty and affluent. After his week-long conference came to an end, Jesse took a little detour to Paris, where he spent some time with his thesis advisor who is now a professor there.

This is Jesse eating a hamburger in Luxembourg (he has one in every new place he visits):

And this is a really cool war memorial for the Battle of the Bulge:
Luxembourg looks like a really nice place!

They certainly have more greenery than we do here in the desert!

And castles!

This is Jesse with some college friends.

Not surprisingly, the best resturant Jesse has ever been to is in Paris (this isn't it though).

The timing was perfect for Jesse -- he was in Paris for the Paris auto show.

Much better than the Albuquerque auto show!

Most importantly (to me) is that Jesse went to a chocolatier and picked up some chocolates to bring home to me (they are so good!)

He also had time to take in the more traditional sights, which are even prettier at night.

Amazing, huh?

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  1. LOVELY pictures! - I hope he brought back LOTS of chocolates for you since you weren't there!!