Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Not your typical sun

We're back from Thailand and Japan!  I promise to post pictures soon, but in the meantime, here are some pictures that we took right before and after our trip.  Interestingly enough, both sets of pictures are of the sun.  Right before we left, we had a solar eclipse.  Jesse and I put on sun shades and went to the dam near us to get a good view.

We were able to take pictures of the solar eclipse by putting the glasses over the camera lens:

Neat huh?  Jesse and I were not the only ones taking a look (see the crowd of people behind us?)

Strangely enough, a couple days after we got back Venus passed over the sun.  It is tiny, but you can see it in these pictures (the dark spot in the top right hand corner of the sun):


  1. wow cool! I didn't even know they made sun shades. And that IS coincidental that those both flanked your trip!

  2. Great! So glad you were able to take pictures! =)
    As I told you on the phone, it was very clowdy here so we watched on-line.
    Can't wait to see you're trip pics! I am SOOOOO behind on our picture posting!!!