Monday, June 25, 2012

Thailand Day 1: Relaxing, Good Food, and Family

Our Asian vacation began in Bangkok.  We stayed with my Dad at his new spacious house that we had never been to before, so that was fun.  

Our first day was pretty low key.  We slept in and took in some sights.

Then we got massages and facials, which was just the pampering that we needed after a very long flight in a cramped old plane that didn't even have individual TVs.

And no, Jesse had no say in the matter!

MK Suki is one of my favorite places to eat -- serious comfort food (healthy too!)

We also had some dim sum there, and made sure to order pork buns, which are Jesse's favorite.

Throughout our trip, we just saw a bunch of hilarious sights that remind you of the fact that you are not in the U.S.  Take this for example.  Bangkok is a very congested city and parking is at a premium.  They have really cool high tech parking lots that tell you exactly how many spaces are left on each level and where they are.  They also have designated parking spots for certain types of cars, certain credit card holders, and "ladies."  Yes, folks, ladies:

There is also a cool new building that is designed in a shape of an elephant (behind us on the left side of my head):

And then there are kinda gross sights like this open truck with fish in it and guys just sitting on top of them.

One of our must-dos every time we are in Bangkok is to visit Pan Pan.  Jesse and I have been to Italy and had great Italian food there and here in the U.S., but the best Italian food we have ever had is in Bangkok!  Pan Pan is a restaurant owed my one of my Dad's best friends, and he always spoils us with an abundance of food.   

This lasagna, for example, literally melts in your mouth.  Yum!

After dinner we got to meet up with some of my family on my father's side, which is always nice, and a good ending to a great first day!


  1. I love the ladies parking that is so funny!!

  2. so much fun! Miss it already. So glad we all got to go together this time though!