Saturday, October 27, 2012

Last of Europe: Guernsey and Jersey

After we left London, Jesse flew home and my boss and I went on to the Channel Islands.  Our first deposition was in the island of Guernsey.  We stayed at this charming hotel and I was able to walk around the city.

Guernsey kind of reminds me of a combination of the only other three European cities I have been to: London, Paris, and Venice.  It was small and quaint with narrow winding streets and lots of charm.

I also got to see an old castle in Guernsey, from a distance.

The weather was part of the experience I think.  London had cold rain and Guernsey had fog.  Even during my two hour walk the fog got noticeably thicker.  I should not have been surprised that we were grounded the next day.  We actually spent an entire day in the Guernsey airport, unable to take the fifteen minute flight to Jersey because the fog was so thick.  We finally did make it to Jersey in time for dinner, but I unfortunately had no time for walking around and taking pictures in Jersey.

The work portion of our trip went very well -- go team!  (This picture was supposed to be in front of Harrods, which we went to twice, but the incompetent photographer that I am, I only managed to get a sliver of the store in the top right hand corner of the picture).


  1. Have you read the book "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society"? Ever since I did, I've been dreaming of visiting Guernsey! Amazing. So glad you were able to take some time to explore!

  2. No, but that sounds like a fun book!