Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vegas Retreat

Travel seems to be a big theme for us this year.  We left for London on a Monday, and if you thought we spent the weekend before we left packing and planning, you would be wrong.  We were in Vegas!  (Craziness!)  My firm's retreat this year was in Vegas so we had some fun there while trying not to embarrass ourselves in front of all my co-workers!

We stayed at the Venetian and enjoyed our nice suite.  We also went to the outlet mall and had a delicious multi-course meal at Carnivino. 

We also had firm retreat activities, and Jesse signed up for rock climbing at Red Rock.

He's the hot guy with the red helmet in these pictures.

Scary stuff!

This last picture shows all of the adventurous souls who climbed Red Rock.  Note that I am not one of them!  While Jesse was rock climbing, I was playing (and losing) in a pinball tournament at the Pinball Hall of Fame with some of my less athletic co-workers.

After the retreat, we flew home, unpacked and repacked, and grabbed a little sleep before our next flight.  We have certainly been blessed with a lot of great travel opportunities this year.


  1. How fun that you got to go to both London and Vegas together! Glad you're back safe.

  2. Great pics - so glad you both are having great trips and fun!

  3. lol about the nonathletic comment! too funny. looks like a ton of fun though!