Monday, December 31, 2012


This year we spent Christmas at my sister's brand new house, which is really cute.

Nicole showed us around Southington, and we went shopping at a nice mall nearby.

Then, of course, we celebrated Christmas and opened tons of presents.

We tried to fly to Indianapolis the day after Christmas, but there was a blizzard there that caused all of the flights to be canceled.  We ended up getting re-routed to Chicago, and Jesse's dad was nice enough to pick us up from there.  One good thing about having a snow storm is being able to play with the snow.  I didn't, of course, (too cold!) but Jesse's sister made a pretty cute one.

We were also able to play games and go to dinner and a movie with Jesse's mom and Butch.

Now we're back at home for a nice, quiet new years.  I don't typically make resolutions, but I am thinking that we should probably travel less in 2013.  Not that I didn't appreciate all of the cool places we got to travel to in 2012, but the amount of travel was a tad excessive.  Between the two of us, we traveled to five foreign countries (Thailand, Japan, England, Jersey, and Guernsey), eight different states (Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts  Nevada), and five cities within New Mexico (Las Cruces, Carrizozo, Raton, Santa Fe, Socorro).

Of course, we will fly to see family and will likely have work travel, but hopefully it will be limited (unless, of course, we go to Hawaii to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary -- I am always up for a trip to Hawaii!)


  1. What a wonderful year after all.


  2. great pics...we had a lot of fun with you guys! I don't think I ever commented on this post...and you didn't keep your New Year's resolution.