Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Noble Fur

Mark this down for the history books -- this is the first year that I have ever had a real Christmas tree!  Our old fake tree is getting kind of sad, and Jesse wanted to try to buy a real one, so that is what we did.  We bought this cute five foot tree, which is really full and green.  

It was actually easier in some ways than I thought it would be and then harder in others.  We had no trouble picking out the tree and strapping it to our car, but it was more difficult to get it in the stand that I thought it would be (of course we realized afterwards that we didn't use one of the tools that came with it!)  We'll see how it lasts and how easy it will be to dispose of it before deciding whether we'll do it again next year.


  1. The tree looks taller when you stand by it Krystle! :-)

  2. Very fun! We loved having had real trees! The picking out, and setting up is super fun, however the worst part is taking down and cleaning up afterwards! So…what's the verdict?