Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dash, Splash, and Dash

Jesse and his friend Dave jumped right in (see what I did there?) and did a splash and dash (a 5k run followed by a 400 yd swim).  

Jesse did an amazing job at the run and finished much better than he expected.

And then came the splash, and he killed it!

Jesse passed swimmer after swimmer like a pro.

He ended up finishing in 9th place!!!  Such a stud.

Shortly after the dash and splash, he ran another 5k race along the river.

(You can tell Corrales is nearby because of all of the horse poop on the path).

Despite the cold, Jesse made great time and finished with a great time of 21:40.

In other news, I have neither splashed nor dashed recently.


  1. Great Job Jesse! Krystle, that doesn't surprise me!

  2. wow jesse is really getting into these races...good for him!