Sunday, April 7, 2013

Come on now sugar!

Update: we did it!

As you probably have heard by now, they are making a Veronica Mars movie!  (If you don't know what I am talking about, drop what you are doing, quickly watch all three seasons and do a Google search of "Veronica Mars Movie."  You can thank me later).

Well, they have broken tons of Kickstarter records so far (quickest to raise $1 million, quickest to raise $2 million, and largest Kickstarter movie project), thanks in no small part to yours truly, who with my sister, dropped a cool thou to attend the LA movie premiere and after-party!  (Jesse's response: "I'm letting you spend $500, plus your flight and hotel costs, to see a premiere of a low-budget movie based off of a short-run TV show about a teenage detective that has been off the air for six years?"  -- don't be fooled, he was way into it when it was out and I bet he is secretly crushed that I am attending the premiere with Rachel instead of him).

They have just one more record to beat -- to get the most backers for a Kickstarter project ever.  The record is 87,142, and they are at 72,760 right now.  You can donate as little as $1 (and get exclusive updates) or as much as $5,000 (to have them rent out a theater the week of the theatrical release for you and 50 of your closest friends).  If you haven't seen the show yet, I would recommend coming in at the $175 level (which gets you all three seasons of the show on DVD, the movie on DVD including extras, a movie poster, a t-shirt, and a copy of the movie script).  Just four days left to jump in and make history at  

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  1. you are so cute <3

    i laughed so hard at the jesse thing :)