Thursday, April 25, 2013

Waterfalls, Bamboo, and Sailing

We spent our last full day in Maui on the Road to Hana.  Jesse had fun driving the car up the winding  cliffside (driving back after dark was another story!)  Our first stop was at Upper Waikani Falls -- the first waterfall we got to see up close on our journey. 

We were also able to explore the expansive Wai'anapanapa State Park.  We started with spelunking.  We jumped into the very cold water and started to swim.  At the back of one of the caves, there was a narrow passageway (the dark spot behind me) which we went through with some locals guiding us.  We climbed up some rocks (in the dark) slid through a narrow hole in the ground to some more water below (again, in the dark), and then scaled the rocky wall on the backside to reach a hole in the back of the cave that led back outside on the cliff (that we had to climb down)!  Such an unexpected adventure!    

Our next stop was at the black sand beach, which was really quite cool looking.

Then we headed over to another blowhole which, again, failed to blow!  (Apparently the tide was low).  We did get to see some more beautiful coastline though.

A little further down the road, we stopped at Wailua Falls. 

The highlight of the Road to Hana is Oheo Gulch and the Pipiwai Trail to Waimoku Falls.  Just past another banyan tree was the first of the many waterfalls and pools that make up Oheo Gulch.  We hiked up behind the second set of waterfalls and then jumped into the pool.  It was magical!

After our dip, we started on the four-mile Pipiwai Trail, much of which was through a gorgeous and expansive bamboo forest!

The Pipiwai Trail ends at Waimoku Falls, the most stunning waterfall I have ever seen!  We were just surrounded by incredible natural beauty.

Our final morning was spent sailing.  We got sailing lessons from Captain Gene, and while I had much more to learn than Jesse, we managed to have a lot of fun.  After hours of sailing, we jumped off the back of the boat for a dip (we couldn't believe how blue the water was there, and it would have been relaxing if I could get rid of my unwarranted fear of being shark bait -- have you seen Open Water?)

Before heading home on our long and painful flight, we were able to relax at a little beach park and say goodbye to this incredible place.


  1. Love The Pics And Stories. Gorgeous! So Glad You Both Had So Much Fun. Great Pic Of The Falls Angle Showing How Tall They Are! Glad Jesse Got Lots More Bamboo To Enjoy! :-)

  2. So much adventures

  3. What an amazing trip! You guys definitely packed a lot in!