Sunday, August 30, 2015

Nathan's First Teeth!

Nathan got his first tooth teeth this week!  On Wednesday the two bottom front incisors came in, right before his five month birthday (which is today).  He is a bit early, but we knew this was coming because he has been drooling up a storm and chewing on everything in sight for weeks.  You can definitely feel the two little teeth with your fingers, but since they are just peeking out, the tiny translucent nubs are hard to see in person, besides photograph.  So on Wednesday, we weren't able to get a good shot at all, just this proud mom picture, 

and drooooool!

I tried again the next day, and got a good shot, but between the lighting and picture quality, you can't really see them.

You can see the effects of teething though (teething = fussiness).

So we kept on trying (and failing) to get a good shot of the teeth to show off.

Earlier today, I got the best one yet.  You can kind of see the little white-ish spot on the bottom of his gums!  Our boy is just getting so big!


  1. So early! I thought you have to be 8-9 months. Exciting!

  2. Whether he is crying or smiling he is the cutest ever! So fun that he's getting his teeth-say good bye to that baby gummy smile though!