Monday, August 3, 2015

Roll Over, Roll Over

It was just the three of us again this week.  We enjoyed spending time together, especially during our walks, and we tried the carrier (which Nathan has not liked very much) and it worked out well for a short while.

All week Nathan has been getting closer and closer to rolling over from his back to his tummy.  Here he is on his side "reading" his favorite book.

And, on Friday, he did it!  Look how pleased he was with himself!  

Neither of us actually witnessed the first time he rolled over on to his belly.  Jesse was getting his bath ready and I was at work.  Jesse turned around and realized Nathan was on his stomach and snapped this picture!  Jesse did get Nathan's second successful roll over on camera.  This video is hilarious though because it starts off with Jesse's sneeze and ends with me complaining that I missed seeing Nathan roll over (I just went to the garage for less than a minute to grab something from the car).  Don't worry though, he rolled over for me today so I have seen it now!

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  1. Poor trapped right arm! What an accomplishment and next comes crawling?