Saturday, February 4, 2017

It's February Already

This year seems to just fly by!  Nathan is learning tons of new words (and colors and letters), and he is getting in his second set of molars!  Last week Nathan helped me to make some banana bread (he really loved the banana bread that we had at Nicole's), and take a good look at that hair because he got a long-overdue haircut.

Ta da!  His hair is much shorter now.  I needed to take this picture of Nathan and his lovies (his lion and bear) because he has started sleeping with them and loves to hold one in each arm.

We have had a mix of warmer and colder weather, and have been enjoying some time outside.  Nathan is just bursting with energy!

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  1. So glad that he loved the banana bread, but can't believe that he's already a chef-in-training!