Wednesday, November 11, 2015

7 Month Recap

I can't believe my baby is seven months old already!  Time flies.  Here is a recap of little moments from last month that I haven't had a chance to blog about yet:

As the nights get colder and darker, our evening walks have gotten shorter and snugglier, which is great for Nathan, who couldn't be happier than when he is being held wrapped up in a blanket.  My little snuggle-bunny!

He also kind of sits . . . sometimes.  He really hates it though (don't let that cute expression fool you -- he was unhappy the next second).

Nathan makes us laugh constantly.  In this picture, he had just let go of his monkey toy, which swung back (startling him), and he made this face (cracks me up every time I see it)!

He has gotten a lot better at grabbing and holding on to things, and loves playing with his toys.

He has also started to be much more interested in looking at himself in the mirror.

It has gotten chilly here in the evenings, so we put Nathan in his adorable bear outerwear for the first time.

And he continues to try to eat everything in sight (still working on the next set of teeth).  In this video, he very adorably opens his mouth to try to eat the little toys dangling from his car seat.  Too cute!


  1. soooo cute!! that face in the crying :D

  2. Love the startled face!! Tooooo funny!!! And the snuggle bear coat is so cute!!