Friday, November 6, 2015

Veggies & Fruit

This past month we have been introducing fruits and veggies to our sweet pea.  Bottom line: he loves veggies and hates fruit.  Go figure!

His first veggie was squash, and while he wasn't sure at first, he decided it was oh-so-good and gobbled it down.

His first green vegetable was sweet peas, which apparently was the one food Jesse hated as a baby. Once we watered it down a bit, he ate it like a champ!

And he seemed to enjoy carrots when Chloe helped us feed him some for the first time.

Nathan does not love green beans, but he still eats them all up!

And the last veggie that we tried (sweet potatoes) were a big hit!

Despite being an amazing eater (and quite the hungry little boy), he does not like fruit.  At all.  We tried apple, and he made this face:

Trust me, it wasn't a sour granny smith apple -- it was nice, sweet, mushy apples.  Nope.  Hated it. Same with pear, even when we gave it to him in watered down juice form:

He seriously cracks us up, but this complete lack of a sweet tooth makes me wonder how it is possible that he is related to me.  In other feeding news, he has occasionally held the bottle when we feed him and has been able to do it all by himself!


  1. I love sweet potato too. What a progress.

  2. Very cute and funny!! I agree, he's not getting his lack of sweet tooth from our side!! Haha
    However he has EXCELLENT taste in veggies - go sweet potatoes!! ����